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Reward your spending on your next event. For every dollar spent, you will earn one Wasabi Reward Point. Points are redeemable as credit, just like a credit card. Share our menu on Facebook and get extra 200 points!


Readi-trays are the easiest way to plan your sushi party--simply choose your favorite Readi-Trays to place an order!

All Readi-tray orders include 5 sets of chopsticks, napkins, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi, and 6-inch paper plates per each tray. If you need extra chopsticks, napkins, and plates, you can add it on Order Online page. Optionally, you can bring your own plates and drop them off at our kitchen a day in advance. Other tongs and china plates must be prepared by you.

Please make sure to mention the number of guests at check out.

For events that require more than Readi-Trays, please contact us directly at anytime or call Ike at 415-516-8485.

RETURN POLICY Cancellations are free before 24 hours of your event. No same-day cancellations.

Orders over $1000 require a 48 hour cancellation notice.

DELIVERY We provide our own in-house delivery. To see our Delivery Zones & Fees, please visit our online ordering page.

California Roll

Crab with avocado

* Optional Real crab meat or  Tobiko(flying Fish egg) on top

42 pcs

Kanpyo Maki - squash 
Avocado Maki x2- Avocado
Oshinko Maki - Pickled radish 
Kappa Maki - Cucumber 
Futomaki - Squash, Spinach, Mushroom, egg, Oshinko 
Vegetable Roll(Avocado, Spinach, Squash, Asparagus) , Veggie Tempura(Deep fried Veggies in Soy Warp)

47 pcs
$ 43
$ 61
Special Roll Mix A
Special Roll Mix  B
Special Roll Mix  C

Spicy tuna - Spicy Tuna, Cucumber
Caterpillar - Cucumber, Unagi, Avocado, Sweet sauce
Dragon - Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado and Unagi
Boston - Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado, Crabmeat and Tobiko
Shrimp Tempura - Shrimp tempura, Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko
Crunch Roll - Cucumber, Unagi, White tuna, Crunch, Sweet sauce, Tobiko
Rainbow - Cucumber, Shrimp Tempura, 4 Different kind of fish, Avocado
Spider - Soft shell crab, Crab meat, Avocado, Cucumber, Gobo and Tobiko
Philadelphia - Smoked Salmon, Avocado, cream cheese and Tobiko

56 pcs

2 x Dragon, 2 x Swamp, 1 x Spider, and 2 x 49ers rolls 1 x Salmon/Avocado roll 1x Shrimp tempura roll

63 pcs

2 x Swamp, 2 x Van ness Roll, 2 x Double Hamachi, 1 x Cherry Blossom,

and 2 x Crunch Rolls

62 pcs
$ 106
$ 115
$ 123
Nigiri Mix

4 pcs of Each Nigiri - Maguro(Tuna), Hamachi(Yellowtail), Shiro Maguro(Albocore), Sake(Salmon), Ebi(Cooked Shrimp), Unagi(BBQ Eel)

24 pcs
(3 each)
$ 71
Nigiri Deluxe
Sashimi Mix Tray

4 pcs of Each Nigiri - Maguro(Tuna), Hamachi(Yellowtail), Shiro Maguro(White Tuna), Sake(Salmon), Ebi(Cooked Shrimp), Unagi(BBQ Eel), Inari (Sweet Tofu Skin), Hirame (Halibut), and Tamago(Japanese Egg Cake)

36 pcs
(3 each)

Combination Sashimi(Tuna/Hamachi/Sake/White Tuna etc)

40 pcs
$ 99
$ 105
Mixed Teriyaki
Finger Appetizer

Chicken, Beef and Salmon Teriyaki - Beef only + $13, Salmon only +12

1 tray

13pcs of each
Includes gyoza (Beef pot sticker), Asparagus Beef(think beef wrapped around asparagus, grilled) Chicken Karaage(Battered, Deep Fried Chicken), Shumai(Pork Dumpling) 

52 pcs
(13 each)
$ 68
$ 69
Sushi & Sashimi Mix

Mix of Nigiri Sushi and Sashmi
  16pcs Sashimi/24pcs of Nigiri 
* Good for Small Size event

4 pcs of each Sashimi -  Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi, Shiro Maguro
4 pcs of each Nigiri - Maguro(Tuna), Hamachi(Yellowtail), Shiro Maguro(White Tuna), Sake(Salmon), Ebi(Cooked Shrimp), Unagi(BBQ Eel)

40 pcs
$ 105
Bluefin Tuna Special

Hon Maguro special (You can choose Sashimi/Nigiri/Mix)

30 pcs
$ 110
Spicy Tuna
Chicken Salad

Spicy Tuna Roll

42 pcs

K Style Chicken, Vegetables, and fruit with a House dressing

1 tray
$ 49
$ 55
House Salad
Mixed Tempura

Green salad with house dressing

1 tray

Shrimp (10each), Vegetables (50each)

60 pcs
$ 29
$ 82
Grilled Vegetables

50pcs of Mixed vegetable

50 pcs
$ 55

Soy beans

1 tray

Steamed Rice

1 tray
$ 30
$ 22
Wakame Tray
Chicken Karaage

Seaweed salad

1 tray

Japanese-style deep-fried chicken nugget with Deeping sauce
Use Aluminum Container( choose if you have chaffing fan)

1 tray
$ 45
$ 69
K-style Fried Chicken
Croquett Tray

K - Style twice deep fried chicken with spicy sauce on the side.

1 tray

House made cheese corn croquette.- Croquette is deep fried mashed potato, Serve with tartar sauce

25 pcs
$ 75
$ 55
Gyoza Trays

Vege Gyoza & Beef Gyoza

30 pcs
$ 42

We have the ability and experience to feed thousands of guests while maintaining a high level of quality. Our corporate catering events are conducted in a professional manner that is sure to impress you and your company. Contact us and we'll be happy to help with your event planning!

Sushi Carts

Ideal for large events are Sushi Carts, which are portable sushi stations that can be brought right to your event for live sushi requests! Note that Sushi Carts are optional and require an on-site sushi chef.  

Hosting an Event?

We would love to hear about your event! Please include the date of your event and amount of guests in your inquiry.


Having a wedding with an Asian flare? Need a fresh sushi station? We can help make your wedding unique, elegant and beautiful. Tell us what you have in mind and we'll make it happen.

Sushi Carts

Ideal for large events are Sushi Carts, which are portable sushi stations that can be brought right to your event for live sushi requests! Note that Sushi Carts are optional and require an on-site sushi chef.  


We would love to hear about your wedding plans! Please include the date of your event and amount of guests in your inquiry. 

Do you have a cafeteria or food facility to regularly feed your employees? No matter the lunch crowd, we can offer you the highest quality sushi at your cafeteria. To save some time and effort, call us for some help. We offer worry-free operation and management services. 


The ideal quick-fix for a custom lunch on the go. This traditional Japanese-style packed lunch that consists of rice an assortment of meats and/or vegetables. Similar forms of boxed lunches originated in Korea as Dosirak, in the Philippines as Baon, in Taiwan as Biandang, and in India as Tiffin. 


Are you a caterer who needs a helping hand to serve sushi? Try out our Caterer-to-Caterer service for your next upcoming event. We provide worry-free, quality services to your customers so that you can fully focus on your own dishes and services.

By working with us, you can benefit by:

  • Saving costs by purchasing less and minimizing excess

  • Save time and increase the quality of your sushi through your skilled chefs 


 We provide Basic  Beer and Wine  bar service for  any event. We are also focusing to introduce Premium Sakes along with  Quality sushi.  


Made in CA, Red wine and White Wine


Domestic Beer, Imported from Japan, Imported


Premium Cold Sake, Flavored Sake, Unfiltered Sake, Hot Sake

Planning  Corporate  Event? Private  Bartending Service? or  Casual Party with Sake bomb ?  

Please contact us to discuss with us.

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